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Chennai one day workshop on Cinematography Lighting got wide appreciation among the participants. Aspirants from various industries, Visual Communication Students, Photographers, Assistant Directors, I.T.Professionals, Businessmen are eagerly participated in this workshop. The hall was filled with students from Kerala, Karnataka, Madurai, Erode, Krishnagiri, Karur, Pondicherry, Salem, Coimbatore, Vellore and Chennai.

We taught the basic principals of lighting, the important aspects on setting up a light with practical sessions. We used all latest lighting equipments which are currently available in the industry.

We did a live demo on the Equipments, Lights, its varieties and with all essential materials. The students learnt how to set up ‘Three Point Lighting’ How to set up light according to the theme of the scene and characters. And also a demo was given on single source lighting in various for various situations.

Next, we covered the Colour Psychology, How to use it perfectly in cinema. By evening we took the topic OUTDOOR lighting. In this subject we taught about Natural Light and to source the light from sun. How to read the sun light and how to use it in perfect time.

At the end of the session we honoured the students with certificates endorsed by IMAGE WORKSHOP and PANASONIC.

We are happy to convey our heartiest thanks to Panasonic Lumix GH5 Team, especially Mr.Dhilip and Murali. Our heartiest thanks to MR.ARUN, TAMIL STUDIO, to offer wonderful place to conduct this class as well as his hospitality arrangements.


MADURAI - 30 & 31/05/17

We have conducted a two day workshop on cinematography for the students of 'Centre for FIlm and Electronic Media Studies' Kamaraj University, Madurai. Usually for our workshops we receive students from various fields , but this workshop is entirely different experience for us,because the students are from visual studies, so we covered the subject with advanced techniques. We shared our experiences and discussed on, how to do better lighting with with least equipments

Kamaraj University Centre for Film and Electronic Media studies is equipped with all advanced tools. Its a great boon for local people to have a wonderful set up with Two big shooting floors, 20 numbers of editing set up, VFX division, Sound Studio, DI Suit, where we can easily finish complete film here. We hope the students from in and around Madurai should use these facilities. It would be a happy moment for us if people produce complete movie here.  

We here by thanks Mr.Karna Maharaja, HOD and Rajavel for their gratitude. Our specials thanks to Ragu Kalidoss who spent complete three days with us .


COIMBATORE - 27& 28th MAY 2016

After the great success of First Workshop in Chennai, we are continuously receiving calls from various parts of India and abroad. Now a days Coimbatore became second kollywood. Lots of young talents coming out from this mancestor city. We conducted two days workshop with an enhanced syllabus of first workshop. From basics of Photography to Cinematography we taught with power point presentations and live demos. We used advanced cameras to explain the latest developments in film technology. As first workshop here also more non formal workers participated along with visual education students as well as engineering graduates.

This workshop give an idea to enhance more, to design an exclusive syllabus on Lighting Techniques, Where the third workshop is completely going to happen on Lightings.


CHENNAI - 7 & 8 TH NOV 2015

In this two days workshop around 44 people are participated. The surprising thing in this event is not only from Visual Media, lots of people from various industries including a Auto driver, carpenter also participated. Another wonder, a guy from Sri Lanka and United States specially fly to Chennai to learn cinematography basics. This proves the demand for the courses as well how cheaper when compare to other markets. One senior film particated he say, he was away from cinema for few years, now wants to update his knowledge in digital media. 

First day we taught about Photography and its basics, Second cinematography and its basics. Particularly the cameras used in Indian Cinema and all over the world. As a crown of the event Colorist Shyam discussed about the color corrections and importance handling color in the frames. 

In this two days’ workshop, all participants got confident on cinematography. It adds strength for their knowledge.


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