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Creative Lighting Workshop

May 18, 2019 - Chennai

Colors are an amazing yet simple way to enhance the story of your image. Know how it changes the mood and result of your image and how it pulls the viewer into your world!

If you're looking to add something a little different to your arsenal of lighting skills, or maybe you're simply looking to offer something a little more engaging and adventurous to your clients, this could be the lighting workshop for you.

What will be covered on the day?

Introduction to the Workshop:

- Understanding lights and accessories.

- Know what particular lighting equipment to be used to do so.

- How do we know when a picture is exposed correctly?

- Understanding the grey scale. Lighting Level.

- What lighting level should we start with?

Essential lighting techniques:

- Learn how to illuminate a subject/scene by using external light sources.

- Let go of some of the rules of traditional lighting.

- Learn simple 3 point lighting.

- Know the difference between Hard Sources and Soft Sources of light. What are the differences and how do we use them.

What will be covered on the day?

Colour Temperature. 

Understanding Kelvin. 

Using colours. What are the problems of using gels.

Learning to control and manipulate light with Limited setups: how we can reproduce these looks in far smaller studio spaces like home studios with limited kit.

Learn the nuances of shooting and the best techniques to use artificial, external lights and other accessories to illuminate your subject of photography in various creative ways.

Practical hands-on time shooting with different lighting gear (we will have a live subject to shoot in a studio)

Fine-tuning your Images in postproduction 

- Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

Quick Image Enhancement In Lightroom

Removing A Boom Stand In Photoshop: Patch Tool, Spot Healing, Clone Stamp Tool

Changing Color With The HSL Tool In Lightroom.

To Whom?

You know how to shoot only in natural light and want to learn how to illuminate a subject/scene by using external light sources.

Who don’t know what particular lighting equipment to be used to do so.

The course is aimed at those looking to explore intermediate with some advanced lighting so some previous experience of off-camera lighting is preferred and advised. It doesn't matter if that's speedlights or strobes, the techniques learned on the day are transferable. So if you're comfortable shooting in manual mode in your camera you should be fine to understand everything presented to you at this workshop.

What equipment do I need to bring?

All you should need on the day is a DSLR with a portrait lens; anything from 50mm to 105mm will be fine. You should also be happy to shoot in full manual mode and familiar with what that entails.

Workshop Fee

₹ 2,999/-
Includes lunch and tea. Payment options will be shared upon enquiry.

Early-bird Discount

Pay before 14th May, and enjoy a discounted price of ₹ 2,499/- Hurry!

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